The artist was inspired by a very important period for Italy.

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The artist’s vision takes a captivating turn, drawing inspiration from a pivotal era in Italy’s history—a time that echoes with vibrancy and carefree moments. This period, marked by the dedication of the post-war generation, stands as a testament to Italy’s flourishing spirit. Their tireless efforts infused joy into daily life, creating an atmosphere where the younger generation, dubbed the Vitelloni, reveled in carefree enjoyment.

This epoch unfolds against the backdrop of the burgeoning cinema scene, a powerful protagonist that immortalizes every nuance of daily existence and the pulsating energy of Via Veneto. Film cameras and cameras become tools of time travel, capturing the essence of an era that epitomizes the zest for life.

In this artistic endeavor, the choice of a shapely and harmonious artichoke becomes symbolic, echoing the plump well-being and vivacity of the bygone period. The artist skillfully navigates the contours of the artichoke, reminiscent of the accentuated forms that held allure, particularly for women. The long-limbed stem pays homage to the proportions of legs, while the generous pelvis finds its visual parallel in the base of the artichoke’s flower head.

As the canvas comes to life, it becomes a nostalgic homage to an era when the streets of Rome were adorned with the laughter and carefree moments of the Vitelloni. The artist, with each stroke, seeks not just to capture a moment in time but to transport the observer into the heart of an exuberant Italy.

This artwork stands as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of a generation and the allure of a bygone era. Through the lens of an artichoke, the artist encapsulates the essence of a time when life was a celebration, and Via Veneto was the stage for the unfolding drama of joy, laughter, and the pursuit of unbridled happiness.

The model of this work was selected in the 2022/2023 Roman artichoke campaign.

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